From refugees to drug lords: Antwerp mafia family had tentacles in all layers of the population

(Google translation, from Dutch)
Patrick Lefelon 18 February 2019 00h00

 De Roeck / rv The Antwerp mafia family Y. with the top of the four clan heads Sahin Y. (52), Muhsin Y. (48), Dikran Y. (62) and Can Y. (71). Dikrans son Marsin Y. (30), bottom left, worked as a planner at DP World in the port. Van Cans son and headpiece Bayram Y. (38, bottom right) has no image, but his brother Corc Y. (middle). The priest of the community, Ardhil S., was also aware of the affairs of the family.
De Krant She earned fortunes with drug trafficking, but the Antwerp court has the Assyrian-Turkish Mafia family Y. in the pliers. First there was the fishafraudezaak with family friend and politician Melikan Kucam (N-VA), last week followed the arrest of 15 family members. The clan has tentacles in all layers of society, and even their pastor is part of the conspiracy. No better place to hide drug money than the presbytery of the church.
The federal judicial police opened the hunt for the Assyrian Y family in October 2017. It belongs to a small Christian minority in eastern Turkey. At the time of the first Gulf War (1990-1991) they fled their birth zone Beytussebap and received political asylum in Belgium. The families found each other back in the Stuivenberg district in Antwerp North, where in time a close, closed community of several hundred family members arose.
Terminal 1700
The police appoint four heads of household as ‘clan superiors’. It concerns Dikran Y. (62), Can Y. (71), Muhsin Y. (48) and Sahin Y. (52). Together with their eldest sons they form the hard core of the criminal organization, which deserves fortunes with the import of cocaine. The younger sons, daughters and wives play a supporting role. They lend their signature for mortgages or contracts for money laundering, play bodyguard for a leader or help forging identity cards.
According to the investigators, Bayram Y. (38), the eldest son of clan head Can, is the leader of the Mafia family. He is actually called Yuhanis, but he prefers not to use that Christian name in the Antwerp drug scene. Bayram organizes drug import via the port of Antwerp. His most important pawn is Marsin Y. (30), the son of clan-chief Dikran. He has been working as a planner at port company DP World since 2008. Marsin gives containers that are sent to Antwerp from South America a ‘safe place’ at DP World’s giant terminal.
‘Safe’ means that accomplices of the Y family can take the bags of cocaine out of the containers without being caught. For each container, the family pays 150,000 euros to Marsin Y. Drug baron Bayram has almost a monopoly position at terminal 1700 of DP World. Other drug gangs who want to enter there must deposit 300,000 to 400,000 euros for the services of Marsin Y.
Marsin gives containers that are sent to Antwerp from South America a ‘safe place’ at DP World’s giant terminal
White washing machine
The drug trade is running and so is the white washing machine. The four clan heads Muhsin, Can, Sahin and Dikran are helping to invest the huge drug revenues. In Antwerp, houses are bought, converted and resold, restaurants and cafes are taken over. In Stuivenberg, where the family is at home, even a café with Y. opens as a name. They are not star issues, but one investment stands out. For example, the Y family appears to own Restaurant Tafel 19 at the exclusive Cleydael golf club in Boom.
There is also a laundry room and a garage purchased, there is invested in a party room in Kruibeke. The car park gets an upgrade with purchases at Range Rover, Porsche and Mercedes. And as befits a real drug boss, Bayram invests in a collection of luxury watches.
Pastor Ardhil S. of the Assyrian-Chaldean Church in the Onderwijsstraat is also not forgotten by the deeply religious family. His loyal parishioners donate 130,000 euros to him and still have a car on top. According to the police, the priest is up to the details of the criminal story of the family. He plays the role of mediator in quarrels between the clan heads. The priest also keeps money and valuables of the Y’s in his presbytery.

 Marc De Roeck Marsin Y. was shot when he left his dog in Schoten.
Shot in the legs
Family members regularly travel back to their native region in eastern Turkey. The clan heads then agree how much cash money can be taken into account to deposit on their Turkish bills. How much has been earned in the past is difficult to estimate. But during the telephone taps the clan heads sometimes drop amounts. “When I worked with Bayram, I once earned 1.9 million euros and 700,000 euros once. Outside of all the rest “, says one