Cardinal Sako, don’t be like Archbishop McCarrick and Cardinal Wuerl

In the recent days Cardinal Louis Sako of the Chaldean Church, issued a letter of resignation for Fr. Salah H. Khadour in Iraq. Fr. Salah was stopped from all ecclesiastical duties in 2014 by Cardinal Patriarch Sako and then was given permission to resume his duties again by the same Cardinal Sako a couple of years after. What prompts Sako all of a sudden to issue a letter retiring this priest of age 61 years?? and giving him the privileges that a retired priest is entitled to? Does Cardinal Sako really think that retiring this priest will give closure and resolve things in the Chaldean Church? Is this his way of cleansing his church that is full of corruption (as he pointed out in his letter that there are many accounts and old files of complaints, some still unsolved, regarding sexual abuse and financial corruption in the dioceses,) around the world that are under Sako’s authority? If he thinks so, then he is going down the same path that Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop McCarrick went down which so disgracefully brought down the Catholic Church to shame. The matter is far more serious than what you think Cardinal Sako, you and your bishops might be under investigation just like other cardinals and church leaders who are in office.

Just recently the diocese of St. Thomas in Sydney Australia was taken to court for sexual abuse allegation against Fr. Joseph Kachappilly who then was later transferred suddenly to the United States by the order of Cardinal Patriarch Louis Sako and the knowledge of Bishop Amel Nona of Australia. Fr. Joseph is still actively serving in Turlock California and has not been stepped down by his Bishop, Emmanuel Shalita of the Chaldean diocese of California.

While the Chaldean church hierarchy knew and was aware of past allegations against Fr. Joseph Kachappilly the church never tried to step him down but instead moved him form diocese to diocese. Cardinal Sako and all those close to him (complicit) has failed to acknowledge this and think that they can come out clean. Recently Cardinal Sako sent a *letter to his bishops telling them that he is aware that there are many complaints of sexual abuse in the dioceses, and that the bishops should start acting.

Sako does this after the Pope was accused of covering up sex abuse claims against cardinals and other clergy and is making an attempt to keep himself safe from being accused of knowing but covering up like we saw with the two Washington clergy. Until Sako addresses the allegations openly, nothing in the church will recover, as he is taking on the same steps as Pope Francis has in the past by covering up and not taking any action.

A question for Cardinal Sako, would you come out in public and address the sex abuse cases in Iraq and Australia and many other places and tell the faithful that priests such as Fr. Salah and Fr. Joseph are to be stopped from serving the faithful and investigated until cleared or condemned.

Not only that but many of the bishops of the Chaldean church such as Bishop Warduni, Bishop Basilio, Bishop Nona, Bishop B. Warda and Bishop Shalita all knew and are aware of cases in their dioceses and have not ever taken proper actions and/or measures.

Is this the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ according to His Gospel?? Is this what the catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us?? Is this the mercy that Jesus showed us and taught us? How can this be happening and still they ignore the truth? As sad as it may be, but this is what the reality of the Chaldean church had become today, to the western Catholic Church it is not just your bishops that have covered up and abused people, it is also the bishops and priests of the Chaldean Catholic church and our Patriarch Cardinal Sako is doing nothing about it.

One thing that all of these bishops have mentioned and Cardinal Sako could do and would benefit the Chaldean church by doing is for them to resign from office and come out clean once and for all. Maybe by doing that, this will bring justice to all of the victims that have suffered because of these unlawful and shameful actions.

We make a plea for Cardinal Sako to speak out and do something. Enough is enough, and the truth will prevail.

May God help and heal the whole body of the church of Jesus Christ who is the real victim in these acts of evil.

Workers for Truth & Reform


وثيقة حصريا: الـبـطريـرك الكـلـداني لـويس ساكـو ( بإعـتـرافه ) يتـسـتـر عـلى فـضائح جـنسية ومالية في كـنيسته