Documents: A Copy of Court Papers in the County of New South Wales/Sydney Concerning Mina George vs The Diocese of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Australia and its harassing priest

Here is the first page of a request in the sexual harassment case brought by Mr. Mina George vs the Chaldean Archdiocese of Mar Thomas in Sydney/Australia and the harassing priest

Who is this Molesting priest??

He is a priest from India ordained for the Chaldean Archdiocese in Tehran. After he was expelled from Iran for unknown reasons, he returned to his country for a certain period before being accepted into the Chaldean Diocese of Saint Thomas / Sydney, Australia. During that period, he Molested  one of the Seminary students several times, Mr. Mina George (there may be other victims of Seminary students who were ordained priests in the Diocese of Saint Thomas, is there any investigation on this?) So Mr. George informed the Archbishop of the diocese – Amel Nona – Who did not take any legal action and did not inform the government authorities, then Mr. George submitted them to a civil court and resulted in – settlement – and an amount of $ 100,000 to be paid to Mr. George. After that, Cardinal Patriarch Louis Sako transferred (the Molester) to the Diocese of Saint Peter / West of USA, and he currently practices his priesthood in the Church of Saint Mary / San Jose, North California, and before that, Saint Thomas / Turlock. How many other priests like this perverted priest in the Diocese of Saint Peter are covered by the Bishop of the Diocese????

Also, there are other victims of this predatory priest in those churches in which he served, in which he was protected by his Bishop Emmanuel Shalita, so will you let him escape this time as well???
We wish all of his victims to come forward with courage and to inform the concerned authorities so that he will receive justice  ((he, and the church institution in which he works)) so that he will not commit his crimes again.
In the next episodes, we will publish the court documents in English with translations into Arabic and Farsi, Stay tuned