part1: Sexual abuse… and how the Hierarchy of the Chaldean Church covers up, and the worst is what Cardinal Sako said: It means that the priest did not complete his work… light, it was light

Translation of the conversation that took place between His Beatitude Patriarch Cardinal Louis Sako and the young man Mina George in Rome on October 26, 2018

Patriarch Sako: Where are you from? And whose son?

Mina: From the people of Sharanesh, Son of Nadir… We have relatives, our cousin is from Omra… I follow your achievements

The Patriarch: You live, you live

Mina: I just want to tell you that your work is very good

The Patriarch: People are not satisfied, they are not satisfied, and people have tired us, they have tired us

Mina: I’m tired of you! Ha

The Patriarch: What do they want from us, we gave our lives to them… Each of us could have been better than them…. But they are ruthless… They speak, and whatever comes to their mind they write, there is always talk.

Mina: I just wanted to know one thing! Who is responsible for the transfer of priests? Is it the bishop or the patriarch?

The Patriarch: The Archbishop. The bishop, in every parish, is the bishop

Mina: And the patriarch, isn’t he related?

The Patriarch: Yes, he has a relationship, but we issued a law that every six years the priest is transferred.

Mina: Look… it’s an opportunity and I saw you, and it was a dream to see you and talk to you, we are very proud of you…. I was the student of the seminar… It’s permissible. You hear about me.. Mina Georkes.

The Patriarch: Yes, perhaps, yes, let’s take a walk

Mina: Certainly some things happened from Reverend Joseph who Sexual Harassed me.

The Patriarch: on you?? Are you (Ait Iot – in Chaldean)??? ………..Hahahahahaha

Mina: I am!!! I’m Mina!!! What do I tell you???

The Patriarch: Ok, now you forget that… that went on his way

Mina: But

The Patriarch: But I tell you one thing

Mina: Yes sir

The Patriarch: You must, and as long as you are a believer, you must also have mercy... We are keen on you, and the Metropolitan notices him very very much, and he cannot do anything. He has now made repentance

Mina: But your Beatitude   … I mean, excuse me… How do you Transfer a priest priests from one place to anotherThis is a threat, and it is a danger… I have already heard that things happened in Iran when he was there, and we do not accuse him, and there are things I heard from many people

Soon part 2


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  • لماذا تتمسكون بهذا الموضوع و تتجاهلون ما قام به الخوري فيليب و الذي لم يقم به احدا منذ مار شمعون الثامن يوحنان سولاقا.
    اي رجل هذا الذي يتحرش ب قاصرات من كل عمر و لون في مكان عمله بجميع بلدان العالم .إذا كان تكرار الموضوعات غالب بهذا الموقع فتذكيرهم بما فعل الخوري ايضا يجب ان يظل غالب

    • Zakho Chaldo
      Don’t worry khoury Philip will be exposed here very shortly along with Bishop Shalita. It’s only a matter of time before they both are exposed. And for the repition of this topic is because that shlita will be held accountable for his cover up of Predator priests in his diocese. Msgr Philip and Fr. Joseph are both child molesters and sexual predators. The facts are with proven and they are now surfacing to the top.

      Zakho Chaldo, what you know about Philip is also known to many people and shalita helped him escape and gave him cover in his diocese. Shlaita must be one of them too???

      Stephan Abdulmassih