Visiting the Altar & Rosary Society in Chicago (Elgin) Ill

We were very honored today Sunday (August 8, 2021) to have our good friend, Fr. Noel Gorgis, join us for Holy Mass. Father was born in Iraq and came to the United States at an early age. Father has remained faithful to the traditional Chaldean Liturgy and, following a wonderful lunch provided by the Altar & Rosary Society, he provided an explanation of the history of the Chaldean Church and some of the changes that were adopted after the Second Vatican Council. Father made note of the fact it was French Dominicans working at one of the Seminaries of the Church in Iraq, who slowly worked to bring about changes in the Chaldean Catholic Church. Father noted the changes recently introduced in the Sanctuary (the removal of the Corpus from the Cross, the removal of the curtains etc) and explained the history of all of this. It was wonderful to have Father bless our meal in Aramaic (which he speaks fluently). God willing a group of us are planning to make another visit to San Diego so as to encourage Father and his Community of faithful.

Fr. Ronald Brown