The Two Puppets Running a Gang in the Chaldean Diocese of St. Thomas in Sydney, Australia.

Archbishop Amel Nona, fled Mosul Iraq and left his flock to suffer under the hands of ISIS while he fled to Erbil in the north of Iraq. He lack of care for his diocese showed his unworthiness to again lead another diocese as a bishop, in the most tough times he didn’t have the heart to stay by his people and to tend to them as any other bishop would do rather he left and sought his own refuge and then continued to live a luxurious life.

After a short while he was appointed as Archbishop of the Chaldean diocese in Oceana which is Australia where he replaced bishop Kassab.

Since his arrival there have been many questions raised about his works and his behaviours that show how irresponsible he is as a bishop. Such as covering up missing money in the diocese, covering up for priests who steal money from parishes and live doubles lives and most disturbing of all he covered up for a criminal priest who sexually abused one of his seminarians which now is in the USA active as a priest in the Chaldean diocese.

His actions are no different to those of ex Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick who is now a laicised cardinal and also to those of Archbishop Wuerl who mishandled sex abuse cases in Washington DC. Bishop Nona thinks he is running an empire and thinks he is an emperor with his nose so high, he deals with people as if they are all to obey him and kneel to his feet. We don’t think his empire will last very long once many questions will be raised about his actions and ways of conduct behind closed doors.

One of the questions always rising is why he is so close to his priest Fr. Hadeel Albabo? Why did he bring him from Iraq to serve as a priest in the diocese of St. Thomas? Is there some dirty secret that they don’t want people to know about? Is hadeel really running the diocese, like we have heard from Australia that Bishop Nona has given Fr. Hadeel the power to run the diocese? Do the people of Australia know this? Is there a relationship between them that they are too embarrassed to come out and talk about? There are too many dirty acts going on by the hands of these two which people must know about.

Our question is Does Cardinal Louis Sako Know about these rising questions and what Bishop Amel is up to? He may know in fact hence why Nona fears Sako very much. Maybe Cardinal Sako has something against Bishop Nona that we all need to know about.

A bishop must be pure to run a diocese, a diocese does not need a bishop who abandoned his flock once before.

We can confirm these in Fr. Lucian Jamils article, he was Parish priest in telkefe for many years. He demonstrates how they misused their authority and forced him to sign his resignation. He also details how they both work together to accomplish their evil acts.

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  • حجم القذارة والوساخة في اعناق ساكو ونونا كبيرة جدا .. التناول من يدهم حرام لانهم مشاركين بفعل وخطيئة مميتة

  • نفس الوساخة الي كانوا يعملون بها في الموصل يعملون بها هناك في استراليا .ولكن عن قريب ستنكشف قذارتهم .اما ساكو فيطنش لانهم ذيول تابعين له .كان لي صديق في استراليا وكان عضو في المجلس الخورنة في زمن القس الذي انتقل الى الكنيسة اللاتينية واسمه خالد صديقي كان يقول لي بان المخرب ساكو كان يرسل لهم ايميلات عن كل حركات كساب وعن الزائر الرسولي .وكيفية التعامل معه .وفي ختام الايميلات كان يكتب اخوكم الدكتور لويس .لم يكتب المطران .لانه ثعلب يعرف كيف يلعب .وعندما ربح كساب القضية في روما تركهم المخرب ساكو كل الكهنة في استراليا .والكل يعلم احدهم ذهب الى اللاتين والاخر الى الاثوريين .فهؤلاء ان اميل او غيره كلهم من تربية ومدرسة ساكو