The Real Virus “Sako” in the Chaldean Church

As the world faces a difficult time during this pandemic, we have seen many people die and suffer from this illness. Many have come together to pray and many are praying from home as churches suspend all liturgical services. Like we see here in America and other countries too.
Many have been asking God to have mercy on us and on the whole world during this pandemic and we have seen lots of people turn to God in this difficult time. This pandemic has brought millions closer to God and it show that in time of distress we as a family can come together for a change.
The Chaldean church has been suffering in the past seven years and especially during the time of Patriarch Cardinal Louis Sako. What the church has suffered under his administration is far worse than any pandemic, virus or disease in the world. He has stripped Jesus and thrown him out of his own church and  put himself first instead of God. He has thrown out priests, innocent priests for no reason, he has covered up sex abuse scandals, Stole money and turned away hundreds of faithful Chaldean’s from the church. And yet he still says the Chaldean church is striving like no other time better than any years. Cardinal Sako has shamed the church, mocked and humiliated Christ. You have become the virus to the Chaldean Church which is killing its faithful spiritually. You have destroyed Jesus you are the virus disguised in a bishops clothes.
You have said in the last few days to ask God for mercy and to pray for this pandemic to stop, we ask you to ask mercy from God, the priests you suspended for no reason, the Chaldean faithful and the whole Catholic Church. Given that your administration is making no difference in good and bad times the time has come for you to resign and your bishops to humiliate themselves before God.
You Chaldean hierarchy misused your authority and took the position of God, it was time for God to say enough is enough. That is why he is closing his Churches to teach you the hierarchy of the church that without God fear from God and when you have gone too far with your abusing the priesthood which has been entrusted to you, he will go beyond measures to punish and get you back on track. It is God who gives and takes, it is God who is important and it is God who has the authority. His church will be cleansed from all evil and this is just the beginning.
We ask you Patriarch Cardinal Sako to take this time to go into retreat and repent from all of your wrong doings and think about your resignation. It will be the best solution. And for the rest of the Chaldean bishops, take this time to think about and repent from all the times you lied and stole money, covered up sex abuse cases and mislead the Chaldean faithful. Don’t forget the time when you humiliate Jesus every day.

Site Staff Team

watch Carfully: this is the End of Sako


نداء البطريرك ساكو الى الأساقفة والكهنة

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