Traditional Chaldean Mass Celebrating in Melbourne, Australia every Sunday

Great news in Melbourne, Fr. Mina George has begun his mission with celebrating the traditional Chaldean catholic mass every Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. The presence of many faithful is continually growing with most of them wanting to experience the traditional mass.

The traditional Chaldean mass that is celebrated by Fr. Mina was approved by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in 2006. The priest celebrating the mass faces the east and looking at the Holy Cross, this allows the priest to solely focus on the Lord and to look towards the Lord.

After the mass coffee and tea is served while the community engage in conversations and have the time to see each other.

Mass will continue every Sunday at 12 noon, at St. Thomas Church,  Any changes, there will be a notice.

All are welcome

The Church Address:

16 Rayfield Ave

Craigieburn, Australia 3064