Ordination of New Priest

With great joy we are pleased to say we have another priest who has been ordained to the priesthood on the feast of St. Peter and Paul on the 29th of June 2019.

The ordination took place in Melbourne Australia, at 4:30pm on the evening of Saturday. The ordination was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Dr. Antoine Yacoub. Together we were joined by Fr. Kamal Warda Bidawid, Fr. Noel Gorgis from san Diego and Fr. Sorial Yousef from St. Marks Coptic church.

The ordination took place during the celebration of the holy mass, where many faithfuls had joined to witness Fr. Mina being ordained. It was a time full of joy and happiness as some stated words cannot express the joy of the day.

A speech was given by Fr. Noel and Fr. Kamal and then the newly ordained Fr. Mina. Words of thanksgiving and appreciation were shared to the clergy and the faithful who attended. Fr. Mina marked the day as being a day to never forget after so many hardships.

Followed by the ordination was a dinner held by the parents of the newly ordained priest for close family and friends, there the family celebrated the day by dancing to Chaldean traditional folklore music and dancing.

On Sunday the 30th of June Fr. Mina celebrated his first Solemn mass again in the presence of Fr. Kamal and Fr. Noel and family and the faithful.

We would like to congratulate Fr. Mina on his new journey and we ask our Lord God and the blessed mother to Bless him throughout his days of ministry.