12 Women Commit their Hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On a pleasant and spiritual evening, many Chaldean/Kaldean faithful gathered at the St. John’s Lutheran Church (rented in El Cajon, CA), to attend the traditional Chaldean Mass, celebrated by Father Noel Gorgis & Father Peter Lawrence, for the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Friday, June 23rd, 2017.

 Twelve Chaldean/Kaldean women (new apostles) volunteered to serve and declare their willingness to commit their time and effort to become new members in the League of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, according to the League’s promises read to them by Fr. Noel & Fr. Peter, affirming their belief in the Holy Bible, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and, their faithfulness to their Apostolic Chaldean/Kaldean Catholic Church & its inheritance. Then after, they received the ribbon (My Yoke) of the Sacred Heart of Jesus given to them by Fr. Noel & Fr. Peter as an emblem of their membership in this League signifying the start of a new chapter of apostolic service by this newly established religious sodality for Chaldean women.

 After the readings, Father Peter Lawrence preached the Gospel by saying:
“although it is a simple celebration, yet the heaven is happy because God chose these twelve sisters just like when Jesus chose the twelve apostles, and how they lived their belief and died for it. He then told the new sodality members and encouraged them to follow and carry on the light of truth & love that Jesus taught us in His Gospel. He then blessed them and asked the Holy Spirit to be with them to lead them at all times.

 After the celebration, the faithful gathered happily and shared some baked goods that they all brought for this occasion. And so, our community of Chaldeans/Kaldeans is growing spiritually and becoming one in Christ.